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Black rider by Marino Marini

New in the Olla Art collection is the beautiful ‘Le cavalier noir’ – a black rider on an equally black horse. It is a lithographic work in black, brown, beige, grey, and blue.

The work is listed as number 165 in the catalogue of Marino Marini’s graphic work compiled by the Guastalla brothers, where it is shown full page (Guastalla & Guastalla, 1991, p. 89). The lithograph dates from 1962 and the full title is: ‘Le cavalier noir (L’impazzata)’.

‘L’impazzata’ is somewhat difficult to translate. In Italian the word is actually not used independently, but only in the expression ‘all’impazzata’, which means something like ‘at breakneck speed’. L’impazatta could then mean impetuousness or uncontrollability, whereas it is not entirely clear whether this refers to the rider, to the horse or to both.

The lithograph comes from an edition of 50. The condition of the work is excellent, although there has been a slight yellowing as a result of a previous framing. The price of the work is 1265 euros.

Giorgio & Guido Guastalla (1991). Marino Marini: Werkverzeichnis der Graphik. Langenhagen: Edition Depelmann.

Marino Marini, Le cavalier noir (L’impazzata), 1962
Lithograph, 55.5 x 43.3 cm (full sheet)