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Summer landscape by Eugène Brands

New in the Olla Art collection is ‘Zomerlandschap III’, a gouache by Eugène Brands from 1971. The gouache is signed and dated on the front. Brands has also – as he always does – signed the work on the reverse, and provided it with the title, exact date (29 June 1971) and inventory number (5190). 

The gouache measures 51.7 × 65 cm. Until recently, the gouache was framed in its original frame, provided by Brands himself (with notes by the painter on the protective cardboard affixed to the back). The work has now been professionally framed in a white-washed wooden frame and fitted with museum glass.

For further information about this gouache, contact Olla Art,
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Until the end of 2023 there is an exhibition with work by Brands in the Noord-Veluws Museum in Nunspeet (The Netherlands).

P.S. The gouache ‘Zomerlandschap III’ has been sold, so is no longer available.

Eugène Brands, Zomerlandschap III, 1971 (framed)

Eugène Brands, Zomerlandschap III, 1971
Gouache on paper, 51.7 x 65 cm