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Late lithograph by Asger Jorn

A late lithograph by Asger Jorn that rarely, if ever, comes on the market. That’s the latest acquisition of Olla Art. It is a strong and exuberant work, which Jorn...

admin 15 April 2023

Two proofs by Jorn

Olla Art recently acquired two special etchings by Asger Jorn, both artist’s proofs, from 1958. Both etchings were printed in an edition of fifty copies. What is special about these proofs...

admin 27 February 2023

Etching and lithograph by Asger Jorn

The Olla Art collection was recently enriched with two new works by Asger Jorn: an etching and a lithograph. Both works date from 1958.  Asger Jorn, untitled, 1958 Colour etching,...

admin 18 December 2022

Cobra and North Africa

The exhibition ‘Cobra and North Africa’ shows work by Cobra artists who have been influenced by the art and culture of North African countries such as Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.Shortly...

admin 27 June 2022