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Little pig by Constant

New at Olla Art is a drypoint etching by Constant from 1971, entitled ‘Varkentje’ (little pig). The etching has a special provenance. It comes from the estate of the Dutch writer...

admin 5 February 2024

Ariadne’s thread and The Philosopher by Constant

New in the Olla Art collection are two etchings with aquatint by Constant: ‘De draad van Ariadne’ (Ariadne’s thread) from 1983 and ‘De filosoof’ (The Philosopher) from 1992.Both works are...

admin 2 January 2024

Art from the sixties in Kunstmuseum

In the 1960s the world is rapidly becoming smaller. Thanks to the rapid economic growth in the West, dreams from the 1950s can be realized, resulting in prosperity for the...

admin 2 January 2024

De Volksteller by Constant

New at Olla Art is ‘De Volksteller’ (census taker) by Constant. In this work, the artist uses a special etching technique. The spacious sheet, as we are used to from...

admin 9 February 2022

Constant 1 0 1 – The future can be humane

This year marks 101 years since Constant was born. On the occasion of this anniversary, Fondation Constant is launching the collaborative project Constant 1 0 1. Museums, cultural institutions and...

admin 30 December 2021

Two etchings by Constant

Two rare etchings by Constant are Olla Art’s most recent acquisitions. Rare, because both etchings were issued in an edition of only 20 copies. In addition, some proofs were printed....

admin 14 October 2021

De draad van Ariadne by Constant

New arrival at Olla Art is a beautiful etching with aquatint by Constant from 1983, entitled ‘De draad van Ariadne’ (Ariadne’s thread). The work is described as number 134 and...

admin 18 March 2021

Dancer, lithograph by Constant

New in the Olla Art collection is this beautiful lithograph by Constant from 1968. The image, of a dancer, is full of dynamics, full of movement. On the left in...

admin 3 February 2021