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Late lithograph by Asger Jorn

A late lithograph by Asger Jorn that rarely, if ever, comes on the market. That’s the latest acquisition of Olla Art. It is a strong and exuberant work, which Jorn...

admin 15 April 2023

Marini’s Chevaux et cavaliers

Just arrived at Olla Art: this beautiful lithograph by Marino Marini. The lithograph forms number IV within the suite ‘Chevaux et cavaliers’ (horses and riders), of which number III is...

admin 8 August 2022

Chevaux et cavaliers III by Marini

Olla Art’s latest acquisition is this beautiful lithograph by the worldwide esteemed Italian artist Marino Marini (1901-1980). The lithograph comes from the suite ‘Chevaux et cavaliers’ (horses and riders) from...

admin 31 July 2021