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Long Live Klaas Gubbels

Klaas Gubbels (1934) celebrated his ninetieth birthday this year – reason for Museum Arnhem to dedicate a retrospective exhibition to this artist and his oeuvre, entitled Klaas Gubbels – Long Live Art

Gubbels has lived and worked in Arnhem for more than seventy years. During that time he left his mark in the city and in the museum. Think of Hoge Poten (‘High Legs’) (2014) at the Onderlangs (near the Arnhem museum) or De Zwanenhals (‘The Swan Neck’) (2000) in the sculpture garden of Museum Arnhem.

His enormous oeuvre, which he created over more than sixty years, shows that Gubbels has never stood still. His personality and his work demonstrate great curiosity and creativity, which is clearly visible in the exhibition. It shows a combination of crowd favourites from the museum collection and beyond. ‘Klaas Gubbels – Long Live Art’ shows a colourful palette by an equally colourful artist.

Museum and sculpture garden
Museum Arnhem is located on a high moraine with a view over the Lower Rhine. After extensive renovations, the museum reopened its doors to the public in May 2022.
The museum houses an important collection of magical realists and neorealists, a collection of contemporary and applied art and a special collection of jewellery. The adjacent sculpture garden, with sculptures by Hildo Krop, Henry Moore, Maria Roosen, Henk Visch, and Klaas Gubbels, among others, is freely accessible.

Museum Arnhem
Utrechtseweg 87
T +31 (0)26 303 14 00
Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Closed on Mondays.
The exhibition ‘Klaas Gubbels – Long Live Art’ will run until August 18, 2024.

Gubbels in zijn atelier, juni 2020 (foto Julia Olijkan)

Klaas Gubbels in his studio, June 2020
photo Julia Olijkan

Klaas Gubbels, De Zwanenhals, 2000

Klaas Gubbels, De Zwanenhals, 2000