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Klaas Gubbels wins Singer Prize 2022

Tables, chairs, pots, jugs and funnels have populated Klaas Gubbels’ art universe for decades. ‘Eventually Klaas arrives at the clearest version of a form,’ is how Rudi Fuchs characterizes his art. His friend Cherry Duyns calls him ‘the painter who wants to make something out of nothing and then see if it can be done less’. Gubbels’ own motto, which he borrows from writer-translator August Willemsen, fits in seamlessly with this: ‘If you have nothing to say, you always come up with something new. Whoever has something to say keeps repeating it for the rest of his life.’

Klaas Gubbels is born in 1934 in Rotterdam. After training in advertising painting, he finds work at the advertising studio of the Bijenkorf, a Dutch department store. In 1951-1952 he follows an evening course at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1952 he continues his education at the Arnhem Academy of Art Exercise.
In 1958 Gubbels moves into a studio in a former coach house on the Arnhem Lichtenbeek estate, where he still works daily.

Klaas Gubbels in zijn atelier

Klaas Gubbels in his studio
Photo Galerie InDruk

Singer Prize
The Singer Prize is a prize awarded every two years by the Friends of Singer Laren Foundation to a Dutch visual artist for his or her entire oeuvre. This time Klaas Gubbels is given this honour. As part of the award, Singer has purchased a sculpture by Gubbels and a small exhibition has been set up in the Van den Brink gallery.

The exhibition will run until October 2, 2022 in Singer Laren, Oude Drift 1, 1251 BS Laren, +31 (0)35 539 39 39. Opening hours: Tues to Sun, 10:00-17:30.