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Jürgen Partenheimer: Vasts Apart

Olla Art has six new linoleum cuts by Jürgen Partenheimer in the collection. The linoleum cuts were published in 1991, under the title ‘Vasts Apart’, at the Griffelkunst-Vereinigung in Hamburg.

The work catalogue of the Griffelkunst-Vereinigung lists the suite as 263 B1-6 (Rüggeberg, 2004). In Linsmann’s Werkverzeichnis (2004) and on the website ‘Vasts Apart’ is described as number WZ 91/53. However, this is a different edition, published by Hine Editions/Limestone Press, San Francisco. This edition, which was printed in a limited edition of 10 copies, doesn’t contain six but eight linocuts, and a text by Samuel Beckett.

Generous format
The linocuts on offer are beautiful prints, in a generous format, and in almost flawless condition. They are printed in black, grey and yellow on BFK Rives. All linocuts are monogrammed and dated (‘JP 91’).
The sheets can be purchased separately and cost 275 euros each. The price of the entire suite of six (as long as it is still available) is 1320 euros. In addition, the buyer of the entire suite will receive the book ‘Vasts Apart: Ein Zyklus von 34 Zeichnungen und 11 Aquarellen’, published by the Hamburger Kunsthalle.

Jürgen Partenheimer, Vasts Apart, 1991
Jürgen Partenheimer, Vasts apart, 1991

Jürgen Partenheimer, Vasts Apart, 1991
6 linocuts, 89.5 x 66.8 cm (sheet), approx. 60 x 42 cm (image)

If you would like to know more about these works, please contact Olla Art, More information about Partenheimer and other works by this artist can be found here. Also read the Olla Art newsletter about Partenheimer.

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