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Jeroen Henneman in Museum Kranenburgh

Until April 10, 2023, the exhibition Jeroen Henneman – The Life of Things will run in Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen (the Netherlands). Jeroen Henneman (Haarlem, 1942) understands the art of being amazed by the world around him. Individuality, curiosity and experimentation characterize his oeuvre, which has been going on for more than sixty years now. 

Open-minded amazement, humour and – sometimes literal – lightness and airiness, but also an eagerly inquisitive mind that questions the limits of optical perception: they are constants in Henneman’s work and at the same time typify Henneman as a human being. His sculptural work, but also his installations, paintings and drawings testify to an open mind and interest in both the large scale of public space and the city and the way in which our eye is guided by the smallest detail.

Jeroen Henneman, Wallpaper (detail), 1998

Jeroen Henneman, Wallpaper, 1998 (detail)
Collection Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar

The exhibition is part of an exhibitions series where Museum Kranenburgh focuses exclusively on multi-talented artists who, with their work, occupy unique positions in the Dutch art world, such as Armando, Han Bennink and Aat Veldhoen: multi-talented artists with a large oeuvre in which individuality, curiosity and experiment come together.

Since the 1960s, Jeroen Henneman has established an extensive and wholly idiosyncratic oeuvre, consisting of installations, drawings, paintings and sculptures. A large number of his works have been given a place in the public space. He also makes theatre performances, television broadcasts and book illustrations. Henneman was never part of a particular art movement or group of like-minded artists.

The exhibition includes a selection of autonomous works of art from the artist’s oeuvre, from the mid-1960s to his most recent work. The selection was made in close consultation between Colin Huizing, artistic director Museum Kranenburgh, and Jeroen Henneman.

Jeroen Henneman, The Wheel, 1996
Steel, height 9 meters
Location: Belastingdienst, Kingsfordweg 1, Amsterdam
photo: W.S. van Vliet

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