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Henk Visch and Gijs van Lith: En dehors des murs du palais

The exhibition ‘En dehors des murs du palais’ is on view in the Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch until 8 November, with works by Henk Visch (Eindhoven, 1950) and Gijs van Lith (Eindhoven, 1984).

Visch and Van Lith belong to different generations, their work is fundamentally different, but the exhibition explores the interaction between the two poles. Do they attract or repel each other?

Van Lith works completely abstract. References to visible reality are missing. Instead, the material and method are central. Van Lith puts layers of paint on top of each other, but also scratches and scrapes them off.

Visch’s work seems to be at odds with this. He puts his drawings on paper in a few clean lines. They often show fairytale-like figures, presented in their own visual language, surrounded by mysterious objects or busy with them.

Henk Visch en Gijs van Lith in het Noordbrabants Museum
Works by Henk Visch and Gijs van Lith in the Noordbrabants Museum (photo Peter Cox)

Visch’s sculptures are also figurative, but at the same time elusive and alienating. With their voluptuous, round shapes, they unmistakably bear the signature that is also present in his two-dimensional work.

Olla Art has a number of works by Henk Visch in its collection.