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Erik van Lieshout



Erik van Lieshout is born in Deurne in 1968. After his education at the art academy of ’s-Hertogenbosch, he continues his studies at Ateliers ’63. From then on, he draws and paints, makes video works and installations, in which he always participates. Van Lieshout lives and works in Rotterdam. In 2003 he is selected for the Dutch entry of the Biennale in Venice. He has won several important art prizes, such as the second prize Prix de Rome (1999) and the Dr. A.H. Heineken Prize for the arts (2018). In the jury report of this prize, Van Lieshout’s work is praised for its radical, personal and confrontational character. ‘He goes in search of the pain points of society in his idiosyncratic tragicomic style. The work is always strong, continues to grow and is pure: it has no missionary drive. Van Lieshout enters into dialogue with groups in society, also with those whom we prefer to walk around with a bow: inhabitants of deprived areas, addicts, vagrants and supporters of the extreme right or left. He deals with issues such as drugs, sex, violence and excessive regulation. Erik van Lieshout does not shy away from any taboo of precarious situation, on the contrary: he goes straight for it and seeks dialogue.’

Portret Van Lieshout bij biografie

The Rats Banquet

Charcoal drawing
70 x 100 cm