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Ariadne’s thread and The Philosopher by Constant

New in the Olla Art collection are two etchings with aquatint by Constant: ‘De draad van Ariadne’ (Ariadne’s thread) from 1983 and ‘De filosoof’ (The Philosopher) from 1992.

Both works are described in the work catalogue on the website of the Stichting Constant, with the references CID 136 and CID 742 respectively. ‘De draad van Ariadne’, of which Olla Art previously offered another copy, is also described and depicted in the book about Constant’s graphic work (Dagen & Van der Horst, 2004, p. 155, no. 134).

Philosophy and mythology
Both etchings are related to Constant’s interest in both philosophy and mythology. His interest in philosophy was aroused by his brother-in-law Jaap van Domselaer, brother of his first wife Matie, who went into hiding with the couple during World War 2, in order to escape the Arbeitseinsatz. Constant made several watercolours of ‘De filosoof’, and also made the etching on offer, which was produced in an edition of only 13 copies.

Constant, De draad van Ariadne, 1983

Constant, De draad van Ariadne, 1983
Etching with aquatint, 55 x 39.5 cm (sheet), 29.3 x 23.6 cm (image)

Constant, De filosoof, 1992

Constant, De filosoof, 1992
Etching with aquatint, 39.4 x 27 cm (sheet), 13.6 x 13.8 cm (image)

Constant’s interest in Greek mythology is reflected in the paintings that he made in the 1980s and 1990s with mythological figures such as Orpheus, Prometheus, Medea and Leda. The etching on offer refers to the story of Ariadne’s thread. We previously paid attention to the dramatic underlying story in the blog that went with the copy we previously offered.

More information about ‘De filosoof’ can be found here. More information about ‘De draad van Ariadne’ can be found here. Other work by Constant, as well as a short biography, can also be found at the Olla Art website. For more information about Constant’s total oeuvre, we refer to the website of the Stichting Constant.

Dagen, Ph., & Van der Horst, T. (2004). Constant: grafiek. Zwolle: Waanders Uitgevers & Éditions Cercle d’Art.