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Calder in Kunsthal Rotterdam

The exhibition Calder Now can be seen in the Kunsthal Rotterdam until 29 May 2022. Alexander Calder (1898-1976) is known for the kinetic objects (mobiles that move freely in space) that he develops from 1934.

The Kunsthal exhibits more than twenty works spanning Calder’s entire career, from the early motorized works to the later hanging and standing mobiles, and the monumental sculptures. In addition, the Kunsthal shows works by ten leading contemporary artists who, according to the curators of the exhibition, establish connections with Calder. From the press release: “The ten international artists in ‘Calder Now’ show works that could not have existed without the various innovative aspects of Calder’s visionary oeuvre.”

Grain of salt
According to reviewer Sarah van Binsbergen (de Volkskrant, December 8, 2021) we should take the latter with a large grain of salt. According to her, Calder’s contemporary ‘relatives’ are all interesting artists, but do they really work in the spirit of Calder? In many cases, according to her, that kinship is “stretching the point, to the least”.

Van Binsbergen notes that the contemporary artworks in the exhibition are “large, robust or loud” and therefore “do not fit at all with Calder’s slender, subtle sculptures”.

Alexander Calder, mobile

Van Binsbergen’s conclusion: “In the Kunsthal you can see beautiful work, both by Calder and the other artists. Still, ‘Calder Now’ is not convincing. The modern master does not become more topical next to his contemporary ‘relatives’; instead, he is more likely to be shouted down.”

Do we have to go there?
All in all, the concept of the exhibition seems less successful, but a visit is certainly worth it. Both because of the exceptional collection of Calder’s works, and because of the quality of the works of the contemporary artists on display.

Kunsthal Rotterdam, ‘Calder Now’, until May 29, 2022. Address: Westzeedijk 341, 3015 AA Rotterdam. Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-17:00. Order your tickets online!