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Book on Marino Marini’s work, with signed lithograph

Olla Art has an extensive collection of graphic work by Marino Marini in stock. A beautiful, signed lithograph on Japanese paper has been added, included in a book on Marino Marini’s work.

Full title of the book: Marino Marini: Plastik. Ein Bildband von Helmut Lederer. Einleitung Eduard Trier. The book was published in 1961 by Gerd Hatje in Stuttgart. The book, which was printed by the Universitäts-Buchdruckerei Dr. C. Wolff & Sohn in Munich, is entirely devoted to Marini’s sculpture, and contains many images.

The lithograph
The lithograph was printed in an edition of 350 copies, of which 150 are included in the ‘Vorzugsausgabe’ (deluxe edition) of the book. The copy of the book offered by Olla Art belongs to this ‘Vorzugsausgabe’ and is numbered in the colophon (no. 105). The lithograph was not printed in Germany, but in Switzerland, in the graphic studio of Emil Matthieu in Zurich. The lithograph is described and depicted in the reference book on the graphic work of Marino Marini by Giorgio and Guido Guastalla (Guastalla & Guastalla, 1990) as number 157.

Olla Art offers book plus lithograph for 585 euros. Email us for more information:
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Guastalla, G., & Guastalla, G. (1991). Marino Marini: Werkverzeichnis der Graphik. Langenhagen: Depelmann.

Marino Marini: Plastik, Verlag Gerd Hatje 1961.JPG

Marino Marini, untitled, 1961
Lithograph, 29.6 x 24.2 cm